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Rigid Graphic Stands

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Rigid flood sign stand base

An excellent choice to display your sign is by using a freestanding signage base. There are many uses and display options for graphics and campaign messaging. Most currently for example would be for Covid-19 to enforce mask wearing. Or a online convention / meeting that will display your charts or graphs onto your graphic sign board stand. Have you had a zoom meeting lately? Did you have something to display your important information on? This solves the problem at excellent affordable price that starts at just $49.00 for the 24 inch Mightee Mount sign base.

Types of signs for floor base signs

You can use rigid signs with a floor base to display your messages or even directories with maps and such. With even more creativity you can route out shapes from foam boards and give a realistic and movement look to your sign. Rigid signs with a base is a great way to display steps, as in, how to order shown with simple steps, or steps in a process. Your needs will determine the best sign messaging for a rigid floor stand base.

Sign materials used for rigid floor graphic stands

Foam Boards - This is a Light weight high quality printed details and smooth surface.
Aviator board or also known as bubble x boards - widely used for outdoor signs but still pack brilliantly printed colors.
Meter Board Sign Applications - A sign that is printed on a rigid substrates such as in this list.
Gatorfoam - Just as it sounds if a board that has an inner filling of foam that has a printable surface. These come in different thickness.
Sintra - Is another PVC sign board. Usually has low gloss matte finishes.
Dibond - Has two outer aluminum printable finishes that is filled with a foam filling.
AlumaCor - Is a great option for a smooth outer finished surface that has an inner corrugated plastic filling.

Different rigid sign stand options

Most commonly and at the best price are Mightee Mounts. They are the perfect sandwich stands for your sign board displays. Mightee Mounts or Double L Mightee Mounts give a free standing approach to your sign base with out having to use any type of distracting frames. Spider feet sign board holder is a great minimal option to hold your sign for only $14.00 that can't be beat. Our favorite is the Double L Floor sign base (Sometimes called "T stand sign base"), that can be ordered as adjustable option. With many more options available for floor base stands, based on what your personal preferences are in choosing what works best for your display options. So, happy shopping - and contact us if you need help determining the right floor stand base that will work best for you. Contact us at [email protected] or CALL (888) 578-8100.