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File Transfer Protocol Instructions
NOTE: Please call after you are done so we can verify that your file was transferred correctly.
Toll Free 1 (888) 578 - 8100

Acceptable File Formats: PC Environment

  • Preferred file is an .eps with outlines at print size.
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5 or below in (.ai), (.pdf) or (.eps) format
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 or below in (.psd), (.tif) or (.pdf) format , layers are preferred
  • Adobe InDesign CS5, please package with fonts and linked files
  • Quark files are not accepted. If you are using quark see if you can export the image in one of the above formats and in printable form, before using it.
  • Please do not email files over 5MB
  • Please click here for instructions and the user name and password to upload files to our FTP site.

General Instructions:

  • Files can be CMYK or RGB
  • All fonts can be converted to outlines or sent to us
  • Any critical colors pertaining to logos or corporate identity should be called out as Pantone Coated or Uncoated colors. If you are using the Pantone Spot color system, a color chip must be provided.
  • Photoshop files must be saved at print size with a resolution of 100-120 PPI (pixels per inch). Please note PPI is different from DPI which is the print resolution
  • All linked files in illustrator must be saved at print size with a resolution of 100-120 PPI (please note PPI is different from DPI)
  • Please provide a .25 inch bleed on all critical graphics
  • Only send files relevant for output and please indicate output file names on order, disk print out or read me file included with job.


  • Please create artwork in print size at minimum 150 DPI for all images. 300 DPI is best, but that can sometimes make the file too large.
  • Include .25" of bleed on each side of graphic.
Thank You
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