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Social Distancing Supplies

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table-top-shields Table Top Shields
Our Price: $105.00
tent-pvc-back-wall Tent PVC Back Wall
Our Price: $169.00
Acrylic Sneeze Guards Help You To Stay Safe Acrylic Sneeze Guard
Our Price: $149.00
Clear Room Partitions Clear Room Partitions
Our Price: $209.00

▶ As a reminder, remember to: 1) Keep social distancing 6ft, 2) When in public areas use face masks, 3) Wash/ use hand sanitizer when possible. 4) If you have a cough or feeling sick do not enter public areas.

Social Distancing Supplies - Help Stop the Spread

Next Level Signs is working hard to help individuals, businesses and companies to stop the spread and bring awareness with safety signage and safety wearables. We are working to make your workforce safe and to help with the re-open of small to mid size companies. The safest and best practice while a cure is being worked on is simply to stay at home. While essential business do stay open we have supplies that will help keep those individuals safe while doing so. Please browse the social distancing supplies and order responsibly.

Disposable face mask -
It is important to have your face covered while in highly populated areas such as in the essential workforce and it is also important to not touch your face or eyes. Face mask we have in supply are in fact FDA approved. We recommend disposable face mask versus the reusable cloth. Disposable face mask are safer and are disposed of after each use insuring any germs are discarded that may have been in contact with. Please help keep your employees and yourself safe with disposable face mask.

Social Distancing Safety signs - Will help with awareness and will help enforce top safety standard practices. For example companies now may require the public to wear face mask to enter their facilities. Safety signs will list the best practices and standards to enforce social distancing procedures. Contact us today to order a custom safety sign to have it branded and with your enforced messaging to fit your company's needs.

6' Social distancing floor reminders - While in a check out line or entering a store, social distancing floor graphics will help space and distance the public from one another. These are crucial to have to help with enforce social distancing. These placement markers will allow the public a visual placement of separation. Contact us to order your custom made and branded social distancing floor graphic reminders.

Acrylic Shield Sneeze Guard - A particle measure that puts a barrier in front of you and customers to prevent germs from spreading. Acrylic shield guard barriers are commonly used for cashier guards, hospital greeting stations, pharmacies, grocery stores, office settings, and other point of purchase areas. These can be custom made to any size or shape to cater the area needed for placement, contact us for custom sizes and shapes.