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Missouri Banners Signs, Trade Show Displays Saint Louis Missouri, Real Estate Signs Saint Louis

Missouri SignsFind Missouri banners signs, trade show displays, and Saint Louis real estate signs in Missouri. Nationwide service for banners signs, trade show displays, and Saint Louis real estate signs for Missouri businesses. Known as the “Show me state”, Missouri has so much to offer. Start in St. Louis, also called the “Gateway to the West” as well as “Home of the blues”. Visit St. Louis and see the amazing St. Louis Arch. The arch is a very recognizable statue in the United States. Although California is known for its earthquakes, the most powerful earthquake to ever occur in the United States happened in 1811 in New Madrid. It shook more one million square miles and people felt it over 1,000 miles away. In 1904 iced tea was invented by Richard Blechyden who served ice with tea at the St. Louis World’s fair. Also at the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair the ice cream cone was invented. The ice cream vendor ran out of cups and asked a waffle vendor to help him by rolling up waffles that could hold the ice cream.

Not only did the most powerful earthquake take place in Missouri, the most destructive and deadly tornado on record in the United States took place here. For 3 hours in March 1925 a tornado tour through Annapolis. The tornado left a demolished trail of 980 feet wide of buildings; it uprooted trees and overturned vehicles. After the tornado left the town, 823 people were dead and nearly 3000 injured.

If you are a resident of Missouri then you know the importance of the fiddle and square dancing. When visiting St. Louis you can also see the Anheuser-Busch brewery the largest beer producing plant in the United States. Then embark on Taum Sauk Mountain and go to the highest point of elevation of nearly 1800 feet in Missouri.

Signs MissouriFrom mountains to rivers, Missouri offers many exciting outside adventures for one to embark on. With the state fair in Missouri people come from all over the state to enjoy the rides, attractions, booths, and the food. With lots of historic sites and monuments in Missouri there are many attractions to teach you as well as help you remember or learn about the importance that Missouri has played in the creation of the United States as well the events that molded Missouri into the state that she is today. There are plenty of restaurants, sporting events, and shopping facilities to venture to. So go out and have Missouri “show you” all that she has! Bring your camera and have fun!
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