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Kansas Signs

Kansas Signs, Kansas Banners

Find Kansas banners in Kansas. Nationwide service for Kansas banners for Kansas businesses. The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy placed Kansas on the map for all the children and children at hearts. “We’re not in Kansas anymore” is a famous line from this great movie of love, heartache, dreams and missing home. Little House on the Prairie, the famous television show with Michael London is actually located on the prairies of Kansas. Laura and her family lived there in a tranquil of open prairie with the setting surrounded by the rustling prairie grass and the presence of small prairie animals. 

Along with visiting the prairies of Kansas, stop in Dodge City, which is known as the windiest city in the United States, it provides many attractions and historic places of Kanasas to visit. If you are looking for the most geographical center of the 48 contiguous states, visit Smith County and say that you have stood in the precise center of the US. What an experience, to stand in one single spot and say that you are exactly the same distance from one coast to the other! Are you aware that the public swimming pool at lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City Kansas inhabits nearly a half a city block and holds 2/ ˝ million gallons of water. 

The Greyhound Hall of Fame (dogs not the bus system) of the nation is located in Abilene, offering the public exciting introduction into the world of Greyhound, the sport, and it’s history. The Greyhounds history dates back to 5,000 B.C. providing a rich heritage in England and Ireland its racing development. These dogs are known for the fast pace, their tall frames and their quick, kind demeanor. 

Signs KansasMoving onto another fast item, the aircraft. You can take a trip of a lifetime and visit the Mid- America Air Museum which offers the 5th largest collection of military and civilian aircraft in the United States. Housing more than aircraft the museum, houses one of the country’s best hands on aviation science exhibits, that plays hosts to special events like its Liberal Air Show and features aerospace education to students in its theater. Although when people think of Kansas most think of tornado (again, thanks to the Wizard of Oz), but don’t worry, tornados are not just an adventure in Kansas, they can happen nearly anywhere in the United States, so if this is a reason to not visit, you can scratch that off the list, get in your vehicle and visit all that Kansas has to offer. A state full of history and beauty.
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