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Idaho Signs

Idaho Banners, Idaho Signs

Find Idaho banners and Idaho signs here. Nationwide service for Idaho banners and signs for Idaho businesses. Idaho is probably most famous for the potato however there is lots more to Idaho than just the potato. The Bruneau Dunes State park contains the tallest structured sand dune in North America at 470 feet high. Hellís Canyon is the deepest gorge in America and Bruneau Canyon Overlook provides a view into a 1200-foot deep and 800-foot wide river canyon. Soda Springs offers the largest man made geyser in the world, while Seven Devilsí Peaks is one of the highest mountain ranges in Idaho. From Heavens Gate Lookout one can look at four states from here. What a gorgeous view. Cambridge Idaho has an elevation of 2650 feet above sea level and is surrounding by mountains that reach elevations around 80000 feet and plummet to 1500 feet in the Hells Canyon. Shoshone falls, known as the Niagara of the West, flows over a 212-foot drop near Twin Falls. The highest mountain in Idaho, at 5897 feet evaluation at Mackay calls itself the Top of Idaho. While here, make sure to bring your binoculars as you will want to see the eagles, hawks and other bird prey that make Idaho their home.

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And donít forget the ghost towns of Idaho, Silver City, Yankee Fork, Gold Dredge, and the Sierra Silver Mine. Here you can understand the history of Idaho and witness first hand the economy of gold that was built around Idaho in the 1800ís. Wanting to get out of Idaho? The Lewis & Clark Highway, United States Highway 12 provides the shortest most direct route from the Midwest to the Pacific Coast. United States 12 is the longest highway with a national forest in the nation. On your way out, make sure to stop by Rigby and visit the birthplace of television. Who knew that Idaho produced the television for us? However, before you leave, make sure that you donít break the law. There is a law in Idaho that forbids anyone to give someone else a box of candy that weighs more than 50 pounds. Is there a box of candy that weights more than 50 pounds?

Idaho offers a variety of things from museums, to parks, to fishing for people to amuse themselves with.
idaho banners, idaho signs

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