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Connecticut Signs

Connecticut Banners, Connecticut Signs

Find Connecticut banners and trade show displays in Connecticut. Nationwide service for Connecticut banners and trade show displays for Connecticut businesses. Connecticut should be called the state of “firsts”. There are so many first things that happened here that is no surprise that citizens seek an auto loan that would be the first of it’s kind. Connecticut was the first state that printed the first telephone book in the New Haven district in 1878; the phone book had only 50 names. How easy to read huh, compared to today’s of 2 books in some areas! More first came from here, including the first hamburger in 1895, the first Polaroid camera in 1934, and the first helicopter in 1939 all came from the great state of Connecticut. Furthermore, the first color television in 1948 was invented in Connecticut as well. It seems fitting that the first automobile law would be passed here too. In 1901 the speed limit law was passed to be 12 miles per hour, and in 1901 they saw a need for custom signs to display the speedlimit. Signs of all kinds, ranging from magnetic signs, portable signs, monument signs and more all serve a purpose for consumers. Thank goodness that people in Connecticut came up with these inventions. Some of us aren’t aware of life without them! I for one couldn’t imagine a day without a hamburger, a phone book, or color television!

Many of us love lollipops and what child or child at heart doesn’t. We can thank the state of firsts, Connecticut for design of the first lollipop-making machined in 1908. Speaking of candy, the PEZ candy is still made in the city of Orange, with the perfect auto loan, you can purchase a vehicle and take a drive to Orange Connecticut to view the process. Maybe they will pass out free samples! While out for a drive, go visit the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) headquarters in Stamford. You’re likely to see some famous wrestlers out walking around. In regards to large men, did you know that Cattle branding began in Connecticut? Farmers were regulated by law to mark all of their pigs. That way it was easy to distinguish what belonged to what farmer. This process caught on and soon cattle branding was taking place all across the United States.

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With so many first taking places in Connecticut you can see how many museums and moments you have the option of visiting. However, Connecticut has more to offer than “firsts”. This great state is a state of beauty, from many farms, to landscape. The autumn season offers a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of the beautiful leaves as they change colors with a slight crisp in the air. By following the custom design signs, you will be able to drive through out the state and feast your eyes on the beauty without worry or care as to your cars ability to get you there!
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